Far cry 3 multiplayer only

So what is your thoughts people?
This brings us to the editor, now this is where peoples mouths start to drool.
Capture points which appear intermittently say these are a disc and we have only a red and blue team then it plays out like Seek And Secure from FC Predator where you only capture the stations.
Personally I would pay a one off fee to get dedicated servers and hosting options, not everyone wants this and a lot would simply join any match they could see in the listings but for those of us who want to host a small fee.So this mode is achievable easily with only what I have seen in FC4s multiplayer, you could even include invisibility as a power up or when only the predator type characters crouch as the rakshasa go invisible in FC4 MP Look at Crysis 3 only it had.Memory:2 GB RAM, graphics:512MB Video RAM (1GB Video RAM DirectX9c (DirectX11) Shader Model.0 (Shader Model.0) DirectX:9.0c.They move faster and can jump higher plus their health re-generates, they can use weapons but can also kill with the slash of their claws and they can not only see at night and through fog but also see a scent trail, when their enemies.After you set in the lobby 3,4 or 5 captures wins the match so none of this playing forever until the timer ends.We require Solo Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag (Thats a must those 3 modes).Whats that you say Power Ups in a Far Cry game sure why not, if you dont want to use them then simply do only not place them into your maps also maybe an option in the lobby to turn power ups on or off but.So say you give us all the editor pieces and assets from the Far Cry Instincts Series, from Far Cry 1 and Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 then throw in the assets from Blood Dragon and Primal suddenly we have.Domination FC2 had uprising mode which was interesting, this had A,B,C stations and only one captain on each team could trigger these off, once all 3 are set you kill the opposite teams captain it sounded great and could have been but it was mostly.So Predator mode believe me this had a cult following back then and it was special and crazy, heres how it worked in a full room of 16 players only you could have up to 4 predators in the map which you selected in the lobby.In FC4s Multiplayer when the Rakshasa collects red plants they can inject themselves and they glow red and get a speed boost this could be done as a power up which that game had called Predator, once you got that you could run and jump.The idea of this post and the name is Far Cry Multiplayer Project. Far Cry as a single player game could become a major force with the correct love and multiplayer time spent putting it together and listening to those who want it to be a success so jungle what are you guys waiting for.
Ok this is something I have been thinking about for some time now, although I played the original Far Cry 1 game it was through an Xbox Live Purchase so I dont know what the multiplayer was like at all.
Lastly I would convert also say allow full Single player maps to be made with.I.
We would require the different clubs / spears / bows and other stuff from multiplayer Primal and also want some of the stuff from FC4s.
With Capture The Flag we could have it set as standard where you have to collect the flag and take it back to score or set it to double assault where both teams already start with their opponents flag so all they have.I will talk hacked about Power-Ups / Teleporters / Jump Pads and other stuff later.The last game I remember which had Dedicated Servers and Hosting Options was Far Cry 2 it allowed for up to 16 players in ranked or private matches and up to 16 players in user created content maps.So we have some issues now as Far Cry Instincts Predator in in opinion had the best multiplayer modes than any other Far Cry game created and the game had a much faster pace, well luckily the Modifiers which they gave us is FC4 can.Far Cry 2 had the time of day and night changing all the time as the match went on so this could even be an option to turn on or off and lock into our maps unsure what penalties it has on resources with shadows.Destructibility and Weapon Spawning is another topic and one big thing I almost missed is the weapon degradation from Far Cry 2, this I loved when the weapons blew up or jammed in a MP match it could cost you a life and adds.Far Cry had these races where we have to race through the colored smoke as checkpoints, acca we need that for race maps and a timer if needed which you kindly gave us in FC44s editor, so if we race on wingsuits (keep them wingsuits.It must be profitable also, lets not start arguing and raving about past discussions and what was said lifetime before - instead see if we can put down a blue print and ask if something like this is actually doable.

I would avoid FireStorm mode from FC3 it didnt work as it was sold to us because of the way the spawns were you spawned closer to the objectives so although the area was getting closed far cry 3 multiplayer only off by fire you rarely saw it plus.
My belief is that Far Cry as a Multiplayer section would have a stronger future if it became detached from the main game and released as a package with a map editor evolving around user created content, I am in hope that somehow the best.