Instalar photoshop cs2 con wine

Exe' file (several folders in!
To download, photoshop click on the instalar small arrows ( photoshop : ) to photoshop the left of the ese represent alternative mirrors.
You must install these, as Photoshop will point-blank refuse to run without them.Exe.- Si el archivo photoshop.You're looking for two items; ' gecko ' ' vcrun6 '.A box will appear, in German (don't photoshop ask me why!( Please note that if you are running one of the 64-bit 'Pups and using a 64-bit version of wine, from wine a different source, you'll need to use ' wine64cfg '!For this particular version of wine, you'll first photoshop of all need to click on the ' winecfg ' exec; this will launch the wine configuration script.Ml and, of course, your copy of Adobe's Photoshop CS2.Once you've done that, photoshop go into either /usr/sbin, or /usr/bin (depending on the 'Puppy and scroll down until you find the group of wine executables. F) In the ubuntu next window, locate, and check the box for abnormal ' corefonts '.
You can then send this to the desktop, providing you with a desktop launcher.
(Tecla WinR; o Menú Inicio Ejecutar).- Una vez dentro del Editor de Registro, ve a y exporta toda esa rama en un archivo, supongamos,.
B ) Now, check the first item; ' Install a Windows DLL or component openoffice '.
Ahora, architecture necesitarás pasarte al lado game oscuro perception de tu PC, reinicia con Windows y exporta el registro del Adobe Photoshop CS2.In different 'Pups which use, amongst other things, a more 'normal' desktop like OpenBox or xfce, these peripheral windows will behave themselves, and remain visible at all times.This time, check the box for ' Install a font '.Until you do this, wine won't be usable, and 'Open with Wine Installer' won't be an full option in the right-click Thunar menu in X-Slacko.This tutorial will help you to install Adobe's Photoshop CS2 in the later Puppies, running under wine.You can edit this, and dress it up with an icon if so desired.The /.wine hidden folder in /root won't exist, neither.I hope some of you out there may perhaps find this useful!If 'gecko' is not showing, this means wine has already installed.