Jewel in the palace episode 50

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The queen jewel dowager tells the episode lady queen palace she needs to stop the king from such unruly behavior.
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Jang-geum packs her stuff and leaves a letter for the gams.Everyone in the court objects to the kings order and they draw up a pettition list to submit to the king to ask the king to reconsider.Min jung-ho ignores her and begins to talk about her childhood.Jang-geum goes to see the king and kneels before him to tell him she cannot be his general.Min jung-ho tells his boss to give him more time then gets up to e palace boss tells his men not to stop min jung-ho since he believes he will return soon.The general who heads the medicine house is angry that a nurse is called to be the kings personal general.He jewel raises his sword to tell the soldiers to return since he is no longer a kings servant, but min jung-hos boss arrives and orders him to return with him at once.Select server: Rapidvideo Streamango Openload Estream theVideo Standard.Privately, the lady queen tells the queen dowager she doesnt think the king will change his e queen dowager replies the problem lies in jang-geum who accepted the offer.The queens assistant tell the queen and queen dowager that they shouldlook palace for lady sook-won (yeon-sheng)who is a childhood friend of jang-geums and she had arranged for the king to meet with jang-geum on the previous occasion.Ji Jin Hee ).The queen dowager and the lady queen visit the e queen dowager tells the king to retract his decision episode since no matter how good jang-geum is she is still a woman.Jang-geum smiles and reaches her hand out to min e two hold hands as they walk in the snow.Jang-geum and min jung-ho leave han-yang city by boat. Please help us to describe the issue palace so we can fix it asap.
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Min jung-ho mods states that dragon if this is a launcher dream, then he doesnt want to wake m tuk-goo looks for ball jang-geum.
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If they dont go back they will be considered fugitives for disobeying the kings order.
Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!Min jung-ho interrupts saying everything is okay with him as long as she is with him.Min jung-ho replies she cant but jang-geum states she wants to be a medicine person who saves lives not puts lives in e king and the queens are notified of the birth of a new princess and lady sook-wons condition.He shows the house to jang-geum as a possible place for her pharmacy.During the labor yeon-sheng loses consciousness.Please report us immediately when you see these ads.It might take a while (few hours)for Rapidvideo(link 1) to approve and update the download links.Min jung-hos boss tells him that its not late to go back.Jang-geum goes on and on about whether min jung-ho minds that she has nothing and will have to live a humble life starting life again.Our website strictly does not use pop up, direct site ads or any ads that would devil annoy your view.Min jung-ho tells jang-geum she must accept the job to show that women can do what men can.