Lineage 2 ct2.3 gracia final game client

lineage 2 ct2.3 gracia final game client

Registering to Participate.
Lineage 2 - Gracia Final PTS Client.
A party leader character requests client a game through an Olympiad manager while forming gracia a 3 person party.
On weapons, each stone/crystal gives a 5 point bonus.Classes that game can acquire the final following skills have been added: Sixth Sense: Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Evas Templar, Shillien Templar, Trickster, and Soul Hound.The current occupation state for the gracia Seed of Destruction/Infinity can be found from the World Map (Gracia through the NPC Dillios in Keucereus Alliance outpost, and Gracia remnants in each village.If anyone who is gracia non-affiliated goes outside of the battlefield, they become purple for 120 seconds.It has been changed so that the combining skill acquired at level 80 can be used without receiving power from the Battle Stance and Spell Stance.Register through a mercenary captain of each territory.If you are disconnected from the game, you cannot return to the match.Transformation will last for 30 minutes, and the transformation will not be cancelled even if one dies while being transformed.When a territory final battle ends, the specific territory skill is applied to all clan members of the clans who own a territory (excluding academy members) according to the corresponding territory. Quest Information The quest window has been updated with tabs for easier use.
Khavatari/Fortune Seeker/Maestro/Doombringer - Skill: Champion's Favor - Level 81 - Desc: For 30 seconds, call upon your hidden reserves to increase your skills power and ordinary attack damage by 30 during PvP.
Starter NPC: Keucereus game Alliance Base versus / Admiral Keucereus To the rage game Seed of Destruction - Level 75 - Desc: Guide from the motogp Keucereus Alliance Base to the Seed of Destruction.
The casting time for the Remedy skill has been decreased.
No reward baixar is given when one quits the game.
Special Monsters One can occasionally meet the Fortune Bug monster, which gives a high reward at a certain rate, in the following hunting areas: Valley of Saints, Forest of Dead, and Oracle Isle.
General players can have an effect on the supremacy of a continent by participating as a mercenary in disputes between territories.
3 team game remix is regardless of class.Knight Classes/Sword Muse/Spectral Dancer - Skill: Deflect Magic - Level 81 - Desc: Increases resistance to magic attacks by 100 for 20 minutes.It has been changed so that no invincible after effect applies after using the invincible skill.Character names patch displayed in the chat and message systems are also changed.The reuse time for the Miracle skill has been changed to one hour.Starter NPC: Town of Aden / Reputation Manager Lepidus Light within the Darkness - Level 70 - Desc: Quest to rescue 4 investigators who are locked in the fortress Pailaka.