Slender man 2 player

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KittensAreEvil : Good jumpscare, badEverDayXD : m very ded.Auf KoGaMa können player Sie erstellen und veröffentlichen Ihre eigenen Spiele.Play, create and share multiplayer games Über, koGaMa slender ist eine slender der größten Quellen der besten Benutzer erstellt online-Spiele einschließlich Parkour Spiele, lustige Spiele, Arcade-Spiele, multiplayer-Spiele, Internet-Spiele, Shooter Spiele, RPG Spiele, racing Spiele, Adventure-Spiele und vieles mehr.Cordelia : @TSaL1K I tried but my map didn't turn out so well haha.In this game, you have slender a flashlight and a person to move around a one-dimensional screen.Removed leaderboard achievements, those that have already obtained those achievements will retain them._- I like this one better than the one in the forest.Kogama is a registered trademark.For new players, the achievements will not appear to exist.The light allows you to see only a small circle of the screen, slender meaning that you have to move and navigate in the dark.Cute_but_scary : i doubt player that the person in this games thumbnail is pewdiepie :p omaryoussef377 : really bad ary but bad Vincent Bishop fnaf : Is that Pewds?Not really a problem, but very weird. Chara Dreemurr undertale : Noo he blocked my way.
Pale face, unnaturally long arms, tall and thin figure that lurks from the dark.
Vincent Bishop fnaf manager : That jumpscare.
TSaL1K : cool game easy i make a map and its very easy now scary_kid : this game is really cool, I like to play.
Scary_kid : It's really hard to find all backup pages but deff everyone should try this.
Insxcurity : ok, this time i got 6 out of genie 8 pages, it's kinda okay, i mean he trapped me in a corner for a good 8 minutes.That's still a really smart idea, though!If you can get the hang of it, then slender it may be a nice distraction for an hour.GothicOddityWitch : *collects 5 pages* "Pftt, this is easy!" *after 5 pages* "I spoke too soon." cordelia : Anyone else having this glitch genie where your little guy won't move until you turn the flashlight off and on genie again?Insxcurity : i got 3 outta 8 pages before i backed up into him, the lighting is too hard for me and i cant tell if it's a wall or slender, 6/10 darkdros221 : eh its ok *not really* eeriebabee : I'm no horror expert.Vincent Bishop fnaf : Don't genie play this game in high volume using headphones.(If you care about your ears).Slender Man is definitely one of the scariest characters that came up just as internet meme back in 2009 ( ).Use wasd to move and click to turn flash light on and off.Vincent Bishop fnaf : It's still my favorite cause it's not hard like other slender games.Only got 4/8 though.