Stronghold 2 update 1.4

stronghold 2 update 1.4

Stone quarries can now be placed on both Island Hopping and Rocky Island free build maps.
Ege680 Posted on 03/06/11 @ 07:34 AM Greetingz, downloaded.4 and after.4.1 and try to stronghold open the stronghold game and its not working it says please insert the stronghold original disc of the update game and dont have the orijinal cd of the game downloaded it from.
(1 the Sims.Stronghold.4 fixes : General, various multiplayer gameplay optimizations.Fixed issue so update that the Lord can no longer attack buildings from a distance using the Return to Civic Duties button in the keep interface update panel.Report problems with download.A player can no longer open and close their gatehouse once it has been captured by the enemy.Bug Fixes, fixed multiple troops pushing ladders off update walls repeatedly.Developer: Firefly stronghold Studios, publisher: 2K Games, MacSoft, homepage(s not listed.2KGames has released a patch updating Stronghold 2.4.Please submit any corrections, additions, requests and missing downloads on this page to us through our. Sally ports now appear stronghold hidden to enemy players.
Agamoto Posted on 12/06/09 @ 03:37 PM Thank you.
Has anyone had this problem?
It fixes various bugs, crashes, and tweaks the stronghold ballistae, while adding real-time shadows, bloom, anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing.
Fixed issue in which monks would not go update to the monastery when it update was placed update in certain rotations.
Game Balancing Fire ballistae.
File Description, stronghold the official.4 patch for FireFly Studios' Stronghold.
Also includes all changes from patches.1 through.3.1.(0 stronghold might Magic Heroes.Fixed a multiplayer issue in which Herons could cause an out of sync.If no hovels are placed peasants will appear outside the keep.Readme, changes.4: * Various multiplayer gameplay optimizations * Real-Time Shadows, Bloom, Anisotropic Filtering and Anti-aliasing implemented.Any versions of the game update prior.4 using the auto-patching service will update the game to version.4 and will then need to update again to version.4.1.Alternatively, you can download the.4 patch here: tml.4.1 Features, bug Fixes.1,182 online, the official.4 patch for FireFly Studios' Stronghold.Sir Hugh Staff Posted on 06/06/09 @ 05:30 PM It is supposed to automatically download when you start the game, if your firewall settings allow Stronghold 2 through.

Fixed issue when dismounting units so that the animation stronghold 2 update 1.4 only plays once, preventing them from crossing inaccessible terrain.
Agamoto Posted on 12/05/09 @ 11:01 PM I just obtained Stronghold 2.0, and the computer I play it on does not have internet access, do I need to get each patch, or just.4 and.4.1?