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I knew it ball was magic ever since I first played the import.
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Special Thanks: Haikyo, Sturm.,Ltd., T's Music.,Ltd., failed Ryuji Iuchi Producer Director: Toshihiro Nagoshi Amusement Vision Source: In-game credits 10 Magazine articles Main article: Super Monkey Ball 2/Magazine articles.
Developer: Amusement Vision, Aspect (Party Game distributor: Infogrames (Europe genre: Puzzle, number of players: 1-4, release, date.
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Contents Production credits Game Program Director: Hisashi Endo System Programmers: Eiji Takaki, Tetsuya Kaku, Kota Matsumoto, Yoshinori Suzuki Party Game Programmers: Tetsu Yoshimitsu, Norio Haga, Yasumasa Matsumori, Youchi gratis Ishikawa, Koji Tokieda, Mie Kawanishi 2D System Programmer: Jun Tokuhara Level Design Director: Junichi Yamada Stage Design.
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