Synonyms and antonyms list for competitive exams pdf

synonyms and antonyms list for competitive exams pdf

Urge Incite, Implore Abhorrence, Abomination 369.
Zenith summit, apex (nadir, base) 149.
Lenient compassionate, merciful Cruel, severe list 215.
exams Resentment displeasure, wrath (content, antonyms cheer).Venerable Esteemed, honored Unworthy, immature 374.Bind Predicament Release.Trenchant assertive, forceful (feeble, ambiguous) 110.Allay Pacify, soothe Aggravate, Excite.System Scheme, Entity Chaos, Disorder 318.Temperate antonyms cool, moderate (boisterous, violent) 114.Celebrated Acclaimed, lionized Unknown, Inglorious.Vagrant wanderer, exams roaming (steady, settled) 131.Peevish perverse, sullen (suave, amiable).Squalid dirty, filthy Tidy, Attractive antonyms 333.Destructive Catastrophic, pernicious Creative, Constructive 112.Listless indifferent, synonyms inattentive (brisk, attentive).Ecstasy delight, exultation Despair, Calamity 118.Ferocious cruel, fierce Gentle, Sympathetic 132. Pamper Flatter, indulge ultimate Deny, disparage 274.
Venom poison, malevolence (antidote, benevolent) chomikuj 135.
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Arrogant 9, abjure, give Up, accept 10, abridge, summaries.
Chastise punish, admonish Cheer, encourage.Wilt wither, perish Revive, bloom 393.Adversity Misfortune, calamity Prosperity, Fortune.Vouch confirm, consent (repudiate, prohibit) 125.Timid Diffident, coward Bold, intrepid 349.Venerable esteemed, honoured competitive (unworthy, immature) 128.Forsake desert, renounce Hold, utilities maintain 135.Vanity mpeg conceit, pretension tuneup (modesty, humility) 129.Eclipse Diminution, Dimming Shine, eclipse 116.Masculine Gallant, strapping Feminine, meek crack 227.