Total war rome ii patch 12

Campaign Reduce Slaves effect now displays the rome correct icon.
Creative Assembly 68 Rate up, share.Shield types total for Germanic Spear Levy and total Spear Brothers have been corrected.Fixed a situation where all new Carthaginian general patch or agent recruits had the surname "Gisco".Technology requirements for military ports have been altered.Improvements to rome siege vehicles to ensure men on the tower getting knocked into the air does not cause wall-docking to fail.Added new Eastern Horse and Hellenic Heavy Horse variants.Campaign AI is now less likely total to move armies into proximity with superior enemy forces.A number of battle maps no longer feature snow during Spring, Summer and Autumn.The Twitch button will no longer display during Historical Battle total frontend intros.Fix for some instances where a skull would appear on a unit card despite that unit not being dead on the post battle screen.Usability Improvements Battle Fixed a rare bug where fire sound-effects would play after a battle had finished, and could be heard over the victory menu.General The exclamation mark symbol on the button will now appear only when the player has not accepted the End User Licence Agreement (eula). Battle Reduced the toast Carthage faction-trait Mercenary Upkeep Cost Reduction to game prevent over-stacking of the effect.
Buildings at the beginning of Caesar in Gaul, Hannibal at the Gates and Grand Campaign have been corrected.
Removing a script restriction on a unit when the player has already researched a technology which would have allowed that unit to be upgraded will now allow the upgrade at the point the restriction is lifted.
Campaign AI improvements, campaign AI is now less likely to maintain long blockades without assaulting.Corrected local traditions for Iberian regions in Grand Campaign to be Iberian instead of Celtic.Twitch streams will now be paused when the Steam overlay is active.Retreat button is no longer enabled on the pre-battle siege game screen when forces are unable to retreat.Trees and units no longer clip through the ground near the Statue of Zeus at Olympia wonder toast on the battlefield.Fixed game an exploit which allowed you to transfer units from an army that couldn't move into another army, and therefore move them further.Various siege tower climbing fixes.Reduced the amount of money that the Etruscan league start the campaign with.It will no longer show when the eula has been accepted but the player is not vampire signed into their account.If you are having issues since the patch, please visit our support forums below.Total War: rome.Tweaks to Egyptian and Carthaginian siege technology to more windows closely match the unlock order of normal Greek technologies.Increased the number of unobstructed walls in the medium and large Rome siege battle-maps.Note that mods that have not been updated by their creators are likely to become incompatible with the update, so please disable them until they are updated.